Innovation carves the future. We bear the knife.

NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, founded by Matthew W.F. Senior in 2014, is a quality-driven, multi-platform venture, born out of Kensington.

As a versatile art studio working to develop high-quality and original ideas, with dedicated production company, record label and fashion house divisions, we strive to conceptualise, produce and achieve the most authentic array of projects: film; music; fashion. As a collective, we possess the motivation required to transform our emotions, dreams and ideas into stunning reality - with integrity at our core.

​Creating film, crafting stories and capturing ourselves through clothing or music is about so much more than picking up a camera. Or an instrument. Or even generating revenue. It's about individuality. It's about understanding, connecting, and conveying an authentic body of work through genuine inspiration & dedication. We will never prioritise profit over compassion or artistic vision.